This morning was even more freezing than the last few days. A hailstorm hit our house and blasted over the normally warm terrace where the gourd seedlings sit and sunbathe.AAARRGGHHH!  I rushed outside to rescue them before their little green leaves were shredded and frozen.  I thought this was going to be the weekend for planting young gourds out into the garden, so they can have as long a growing season as possible.  Impossible!

For anyone out there who hasn’t managed to get some gourd seeds growing yet, don’t worry. You are not too late. Just pop into Whanganui Regional Museum and pick up a packet. Remember to soak them overnight to soften the tough coating, and sprout them somewhere lovely and warm. A hot-water cupboard is perfect if you have one. Seeds need warmth, moisture and air, so don’t drown your seeds by over-watering them, and don’t plant them too deep, where they can’t get any air.