Shooting away

I spent this morning transferring 137 sprouted seedlings into pots. All of these seeds were from gourds grown during last summer, mostly from just one big well-ripened fruit. A word of caution: if you decide to sprout your seeds in a container in the hot-water cupboard, make sure you get them planted out quickly, because the little fragile roots get entangled in the cloth and they can be damaged easily.

Here are the seeds that I put into a container on 24 Sept:

the roots

gourd seeds with growing root

A close-up of the sprouted seed shows a fuzz of tiny root hairs all along the main root, as well as new side-roots emerging. Damage to these fragile rootlets will hinder the growth of the plant.

closeup of root

First root emerging from the seed

Here are the sprouted seeds I photographed on Sept 24.

root appears

The first root appears

They each went into their own little container of wet potting mix….

rooted seeds planted

Each sprouted seed gets its own little pot

….with a light covering of damp seed-raising mix over the top.

lightly covered

Planted seedlings

Check the seedlings each day to make sure the potting mix has not dried out. It should feel damp but not wet. When the young leaves appear, they need plenty of sunlight, and protection from slugs and snails,  birds and rabbits.

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