Another way to sprout seeds

I’ve been experimenting with different ways of getting gourd seeds to sprout. I had a lot of old seed from  gourds given to me, and didn’t expect may of these to come up. Rather than putting one seed per pot, I decided to put the soaked seed into the hot-water-cupboard between damp layers of cloth and let them sprout there. That worked really well, expect I left the seeds a bit too long, and their fragile roots became entangled in the cloth, so it took ages to cut around each one.


Place seeds on a damp folded cloth

covering seeds

Cover the seeds with another damp folded cloth

I used the same technique with fresh seeds from a gourd grown during the summer of 2013-14. I was delighted to find 90 sprouted seeds after just a few days. Now I just need to plant them all out, and hope they don’t rot or get eaten by marauding birds or snails.


Seeds beginning to sprout after a few days in the hot-water-cupboard

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