Schools join the Gourd Project

We have been getting a great response from schools joining in the Whanganui Gourd Project this season. Some grew gourds successfully last summer, others want to try again even though they had no luck with their plants, and still more classes are joining in for the first time. The enthusiasm of all of these children is awesome! 

My first set of seeds have germinated  after more than two weeks of sitting near the fireplace inside. I’m putting them out into the sun each day to get some sunshine. If you have a hard frost, as we did here a couple of days ago, have a good look around your garden and find a spot that is protected from the frost. If there is room for vines to grow there, and it gets plenty of sun, consider setting that part of your garden aside for your gourds.

Get the ground ready now, by adding plenty of rotted compost to the ground. Cover it over to stop weed seedlings from growing, until it is time to transplant your gourds outside.  In Whanganui it is not yet warm enough for gourds to go into the garden. 



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