Autumn rains and ripening fruit

After a long dry month of March, finally April brought rain to the region along with plummeting temperatures. Although the gourd vines are mostly dying off at this time of year, with powdery mildew all over the leaves, your gourd plants might still have growing tips, and strong juicy stems. If your plants are still alive, leave your ripening gourd fruit on the vine as long as possible. Even though the gourd fruit may not grow any bigger, their shells will become thicker and tougher, so the dried gourd will be stronger and less likely to rot while it is drying.


2 thoughts on “Autumn rains and ripening fruit

  1. Nikitaland says:

    What do you use or do to the white mildew all over the leaves? We have grown pumpkins before and get this alot. Do you know how to prevent it?

    • wrmuseum says:

      Kia ora ra,
      Powdery mildew is part of the natural aging process of the gourd plant, as it is on pumpkins and other squashes. You might notice there are still green and growing leaves unaffected by mildew at the tip of each vine. Because gourds are annual plants, they begin to decay at the end of the season.

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