Slow to Grow

Although some of the gourd seeds are up and putting out their next set of leaves, other seeds show no sign of sprouting at all. A few have sprouted out of their hard seed-casing but are still buried under the soil, slow to grow and to put up their first two leaves.

What these warm-loving plants  need is a change to nice summery weather, without these cold wintry blasts of wind and driving rain. 

I was hoping to plant some of them outside over the next few days, but maybe I will wait until they have a few more leaves and are a bit bigger and stronger.

3 thoughts on “Slow to Grow

  1. Anneliese Stephens says:

    IS this the time to start the project? Where might one get little potted gourd seeds?

    • wrmuseum says:

      Yes, Anneliese, this is the time to plant gourd seeds, if there is a warm and sheltered spot to germinate them. I’m not sure if the plants can be bought. Whanganui Regional Museum is supplying seeds.

      • Anneliese Stephens says:

        Oh that awesome, unfortunately I/we are up in Auckland- was looking at doing this at a school. Are they called anything aside from gourd seeds- I’ll just google it- Loving the blog thanks!!

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