Have you planted your seeds yet?

Maybe you have your gourd seeds but they are sitting on the kitchen bench, or rattling around in the bottom of your bag. It’s time to get planting! So here’s what to do:

gourd seeds

1. Come in to Whanganui Regional Museum to pick up your seeds!

2. Soak your seeds overnight  to soften the outside coating.


3. Find a single small plant pot or a divided  plant punnet.

clean segmented plant pot

4. Fill the pot with seed-raising mix.

seed raising mix

5.  Plant your seeds, pushing them below the surface of the soil.

plant the seeds

6. Water your seeds, making sure they stay covered with soil.

planted and watered

7. Leave them in a sunny and sheltered spot to sprout. Keep the soil damp (but not soaking wet)

seeds in a sunny sheletered spot

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