Introducing the Gourd Project

The gourd is one of the earliest known cultivated plants, grown and used by people in every inhabited part of the Earth. The hue, or gourd, was the first cultivated plant grown in Aotearoa when Māori settled this land. The seeds of the hue were brought from the Pacific Islands, along with other important plants.

Tahā, containers made from hue, were used as water vessels and for preserving food. They were essential for survival on the long ocean voyage to Aotearoa. Hue were traditionally used as fishing floats on nets, and as flotation aids in swimming. Hue are also used for a range of traditional Māori musical instruments.

Whanganui Regional Museum invites you, your class or group, your family and friends to join the project, to grow and dry gourds. Call into the Museum to pick up a packet of seeds with growing instructions for your family, or to book an introduction to the Gourd Project for your class or group.

Dried gourd